Andrew S. Johnson

Andrew S. Johnson introduces the B9 range of armchair.
Andrew S. Johnson introduces the B9 range of armchair.

Andrew S. Johnson is a luxury furniture designer based in Nottingham and has recently launched their B9 range of luxurious and elegant chairs. Their new website was launched on the 22nd October 2018. 

The Brief

Andrew S. Johnson required a website to promote and publicise the launch of their range of B9 armchairs. Andrew S. Johnson already had some ideas of what they wanted in terms of colour scheme and how they wanted the website to look as well as having a logo.

The target audience were potential customers who wanted to view the range of products and get more information and details on the designs. The range was to be aimed at customers who were enthusiastic about design and who were likely to be interested in bold and unique designs and limited production pieces.

What We Did

Firstly we developed some use cases to identify how potential visitors would interact with the website. Using this information along with the requirements from Andrew S. Johnson we were able to determine the layout of the website and which elements should appear in which areas and prioritise them. The aim was to ensure that the flagship product, the B9 Armchair was to have the most prominence and the rest of the website was to be designed around that with clear links to more information about that product as well as the rest of the range.

We settled on a homepage with a single background image of the B9 Armchair. With the menu on the top right with links to the other products in the range and more information about the brand. Following some feedback from the client we made some alterations to the design and layout of the design before finalising the design.
From there we moved onto building the website itself taking on board any further feedback as we progressed.


The Andrew S. Johnson website was developed from the ground up to be responsive and viewable on all devices and platforms. The website was built using HTML5 and CSS3 and built as a theme to run on the WordPress platform. This allowed Andrew S. Johnson to manage the website themselves and make future updates themselves.

This website was purchased as part of our Silver Hosting Package and includes a year of free hosting on our Business Hosting Package.

You can view the finished website by clicking the link below:

Andrew S. Johnson

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