Internet Explorer for Dummies Hoax

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Firefox BrowserWeb developers have been saying for years that only idiots use Internet Explorer, and it seems that they may actually have been correct all along.

BBC News – Internet Explorer users have lower IQ says study

Internet Explorer users have a lower than average IQ, according to research by Consulting firm AptiQuant.

According to the study, those with the lowest IQ use Internet Explorer 6 as their browser, but also that IE users have a lower IQ on average than users of other browsers. But is this really all that surprising?

Long in the Tooth

IE6 is now over ten years old, seriously old in software terms, and well past its use-by date, it is insecure and incompatible with new technologies and techniques. Even Microsoft advise users to ditch it and upgrade as soon as possible.

Even worse however, is the fact that IE6 was never a good browser in the first place, which is why it received so much ire from web developers. IE6, and even later versions of Internet Explorer, don’t follow web standards which mean after developers had created a website, they then had to spend many more hours ensuring it was functional in Internet Explorer 6.

Moreoever, many clients, even now, still ask for IE6 compatible websites, much to the continuing annoyance of web developers and despite the fact that many online services do not support IE6, as IE6 is not HTML5 or CSS3 compatible.

Smart people once used IE too

The rest if the Internet Explorer family isn’t much better. A lack of competition in the browser market in the last decade resulted in a lack of innovation, new browsers eventually came along with pioneering new features and Microsoft has been playing catch-up ever since. Which may explain why the average IE user has an IQ of quite a bit less than average, the smart people have gone with the innovative and up-to-date browsers, like Opera whose users have an average IQ of over 120. There was one section of IE users that also scored over 120 for IQ, those using IE with the Chrome frame Addon.

What is even more interesting about this study however, is that it was also conducted but never released, in 2006. Five years ago, it was Internet Explorer users that had the highest average IQ, and Opera users who had the lowest. So quite a turnaround in five years, perhaps in another five years, the smart people will once again be using Internet Explorer?


Well it turns out that the whole thing was a fake story, picked up by most of the major news organisations. There never was a study, and the whole thing was faked.

But as many of the other points still stand, we are leaving this post here.

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