Mailbox Size Increase

Mailbox size increase.
All our mailboxes now include 1GB of storage.

After listening to feedback from our customers about our email service we have increased all our standard mailboxes storage capacity. We have increased them from 400MB per mailbox to 1GB per mailbox. Our customers can make use of this increase in email storage right away as all of our mailboxes have already been upgraded.

Because even our Starter Hosting Package includes 1000 email addresses/mailboxes that means that our customers now have a minimum of 1 terabyte of storage capacity for their emails.

Customers don’t need to do anything to take advantage of the upgrade, all mailboxes have been automatically upgraded. We hope you enjoy and make use of the new space.

Junk Emails

We’re seeing a large spike in junk emails at present which may be causing you problems. Please remember that all our mailboxes include free junk mail filters to filter out junk email before it reaches our customers. However, the junk filters are Turned Off by default. To enable them customers must log into their Hosting Control Panel and enable them, or contact Support for more information.

Our junk mail filters offer several options: the servers can mark suspected spam as **SPAM** in the subject line if you want them to still arrive in your inbox and sort them yourself , or it can send the spam emails to another address for you to check through later, or they can be placed in the spam folder, and finally they can be deleted permanently without you seeing them at all.

There are also four levels of filtering that can be used, by default all filtering is off. The filtering levels are:

Some junk emails will get through, but virtually no email will be incorrectly filtered out. This the recommend level for most domains.
A small number of junk emails will still get through, and a small amount of email (particularly newsletters and marketing emails) may get incorrectly filtered. This level is recommended for those running personal domains.
Virtually all junk emails will be filtered out, but some email (newsletters and marketing email) may get incorrectly filtered out. This setting isn’t recommended unless you are getting a lot of junk emails and are running a personal domain and have already tried the medium setting.
Extremely High
This option is not recommended. This should only be chosen if you’re still seeing lots of junk mail after setting to “high”. It is highly likely that many non-junk emails will be incorrectly filtered out at this setting so it is important to regularly check your junk folder.

We’d advise sending any emails the server thinks are junk to the junk/spam folder and then sorting them yourself regularly just in case rather than deleting them. We’d also recommend the Low setting, as with any junk mail filtering, it is likely that some non-junk email can be filtered out.

If you have any problems setting up the junk filters, or are still getting a lot of spam, please contact Support who can set everything up for you.

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