New Account Features

Customer Control Panel Main PageWe’ve implemented some changes to our Customer Area and Control Panel, in order to make these areas more streamlined and simpler to navigate and use.

We now have a main area that allows you to search for new domains, log into your Webmail account, or log into your Control Panel, all on one page at

Account Management

Once you’ve logged into the Customer Control Panel, you can manage your current domains and hosting packages or upgrade them, as well as add new domain names and hosting packages to your account. Your can also update your password, email address or contact details from the Your Account section.

To log directly into your Web Hosting Control Panel, where you can set up email mailboxes, mailing lists etc, click on Manage Web Hosting and then click your domain name.


Should you run into any problems with your account, or have a question about our services, you can find many of the answers in our Support Database. Simply click on Support Database and then click on the required category or search by keywords for your desired solution.

If you can’t find a solution to your problem in the Support Database, you can raise a support ticket by clicking Contact Support and then Create New Ticket. One of our support team will then respond to you as soon as possible.

Add Ons

We have also launched a range of Add Ons that can be added to your account at any time, these include:

  • A weekly Backup Service for all of your website files, databases and settings for peace of mind should anything ever go wrong with your website.
  • Domain Privacy to protect your domain registration details from spammers
  • An Email SMS Notification service allowing you to be notified whenever you receive a new email at your chosen account.
  • An Email Virus Scanning service, to ensure that viruses are stopped before the infected emails reach you and your home or work PC.
  • And a Maintenance Package where we’ll carry out any changes to your website, allowing your to keep your website up to date, with fresh content, but with minimal effort on your part.

All of these and a few more are available at Order Add-Ons.


Finally, we have also added a Feedback section to allow you to leave Feedback and request additional features or improvements to your account and our packages. You can find this section under Feedback in the menu.

If you have any questions or comments about anything above, please feel free to let us know.

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