Nominet Price Rises

UK domain name price rise
.uk domain names face a 50% price rise from the 1st March.

From the 1st March 2016 Nominet will be raising their prices to register or renew all UK domain names by about 50%.

Nominet are the body responsible for UK domains and all registrars must register UK domains ( .uk etc) through them. So if your UK domain is up for renewal, you need to renew before the 1st March to renew at the current price.

Current Prices

As things stand Nominet allows you to register your domain either for two years or yearly.

90% of .uk domain registrants register their UK domains for two years as Nominet offers a discount on 2 year registrations – £7.99 for two year registrations or £5.59 a year for yearly ones (our final prices including VAT etc). So basically you save about £1.50 a year just registering for two years.

Unfortunately the new prices also do away with discounts for two year renewals, the price from the 1st March is the same per year, no matter the registration period.

New Prices

What does this mean? Well our new prices from the 1st March for all .uk domains will be £5.99 yearly (and so £11.97 for two years). We understand that this is a substantial increase for those with UK domains that renew them biyearly, however it is completely out of our control.

We advise anyone with a .uk, or any other UK domain name that is due for renewal to renew before the 1st March. To check your renewals, click the button below:

None of this of course affects those with Global Domain names, such as .com, .org etc.

Sadly this isn’t the end of the story. Nominet intends ‘review the prices yearly’ so the price is likely to continue to rise.

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