The Safari Suit Hotel

The Safari Suit Hotel
The Safari Suit Hotel in Side on the Southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The Safari Suit Hotel is a 14 room hotel based in historic Side in Turkey. Its new website was launched on the 11th May 2015.

The Brief

The Safari Suit Hotel recently come under new management and the new owners wished to relaunch the hotel website. The hotel already had a theme which was safari based and as well as a logo and they wanted the new website to reflect this. The aim of the website was to raise the profile of the hotel and encourage British tourists to visit by making it easy to find out information about the hotel and the local tourist attractions.

What We Did

The first thing that we did was to build a Coming Soon page for Safari Suit Hotel whilst we began building the new website. We then looked through the requirements and brief for the new website and began development. We worked on a few use cases such as booking a room at the hotel and looking at places of interest. We then created some sketches and wireframes based on these. We created a mock-up design with a slider at the top of the page with images of the hotel and its rooms as well as nearby places of interest. At the bottom of the slider we placed a booking form for quickly and easily booking a room.

Beneath this we thought it would be a good place to display information about the hotel’s facilities. So we placed several boxes detailing specific areas of the hotel, such as the pool and restaurant. Below this we placed some large photographs of places of interest in the vicinity of the hotel. These gave details and links to more information about some of the top tourists attractions near to the hotel.

After this design was agreed upon we began developing the website. As is typical for us we made the website responsive from the ground up. A responsive website means that it will adapt itself automatically to the device that it is being view on and so be viewable on tablets, mobiles, laptops and desktops.


We developed the Safari Suit Hotel website in HTML5 and CSS3, using the latest techniques and technologies. We then converted this into a WordPress theme for use on the WordPress CMS platform. This allows the client to update and maintain the website themselves.

The client also elected to have their website hosted with us too.

The website is currently on the first page of Google for most of their search terms and continuing to rise.

You can view the completed website by clicking the link below.

The Safari Suit Hotel in Side Turkey.

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